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Pisda PHCAR, Digital designer, self-taught entrepreneur, Paris


Designer numérique

Visual communication • Web & mobile projects • Digital communication
Information and communication technologies • Digital marketing
Head of project • Technical driven • Operationnal interface
Pisda Phcar, Digital designer, Paris, additional skills in motion design, graphic design, WordPress template development, media mastering, digital communication, webmastering and digital marketing.

Born in the early 80s, Pisda PHCAR grew up with digital technologies and discovered the beginning of the Internet in the early 90s. At work, Pisda PHCAR is a fascinated digital designer and a self-taught entrepreneur.

Fascinated by graphic Arts and applied Arts, I do like simple, sober, elegant designs.
Pisda PHCAR, Digital designer, Paris, expertise in communication, design and information and communication technologies
Pisda PHCAR, Digital designer, Paris, services in visual communication, council in digital communication, Web integration and digital marketing
As a self-taught I study psychology and cognitivism, I love cooking, listening to music, playing the music, strolling and watching the world, looking to the sky and looking for the sun behind the clouds.