Pisda PHCAR grew up in the khmer cultural association community in France and even founded his franco-cambodian cultural association in 2014 where he is in charge of the general secretary and even at the head of all the strategies.

Pisda PHCAR grew up since his childhood (3 y.o.) in the khmer associative community with a participation on differents cultural events like popular khmer theatre, khmer popular shows for childhood, etc.

Since 2014, Pisda PHCAR co-founded a franco-cambodian cultural association and is in charge of the administrative writings and is even the head of all the strategies built for the differents activities.

Pisda PHCAR is head of all the strategic actions linked to the communication and the digital development of the association 3AK, and is even in charge of the writing of the administrative tasks like the status of the association, the rules of procedure, the developement ingineering, etc.

Those responsabilities combines the execution of his digital and visual communication skills with the increasing of his skills in management and legal/administrative formalities.

Pisda PHCAR takes part to advise and increase cultural, societals, socials and associative actions within a responsible and moral approach for the next generations to come.

His knowledge in communication is a great asset to dynamise associative actions with Internet and digital communication.


Administration & General Secretary 83%
Visual communication 87%
Digital communication 83%
Project Management 95%
Business development 75%


Fascinated by entrepreneurship and innovating actions, Pisda PHCAR starts to work as a contractor since 2009 and develops the different skills needed to the entrepreneurship in his projects.

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Pisda PHCAR starts working in 2003 first in IT/Computing and computing administration to follow in 2007 with visual communication and since 2012 in digital communication.

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