Fascinated by entrepreneurship and innovating actions, Pisda PHCAR starts to work as a contractor since 2009 and develops the different skills needed to the entrepreneurship in his personnals, professionnals et associatives projects.

Pisda PHCAR starts his entrepreneurship in 2009 following a need to undertake and to increase his skills, first trying the auto-entrepreneur status then as a freelance contractor since 2016.

Those experiences as a contractor have been the way for Pisda PHCAR to increase his knowledge in communication and entrepreneurship, working on the commercial side of the business and having humility on his own knowledge.

Pisda PHCAR brings his expertise in council, advising and communication strategy and take part in the realisation of innovating digital projects with a double way of thinking as a technical master and an art director.

With complementary skills in design, in information and communication technologies and in digital communication, Pisda PHCAR is able to work both in the art direction and in the driving of innovating digital projects.

With a modern vision always focused to the user, Pisda PHCAR brings his knowledge, his knowhow, his pedagogy and his happiness to the relaisation of innovating digital communication projects.

Because of a lots of paradigmes acquired since the beginning of his career, Pisda PHCAR is the ideal interlocutor to realise digital and communication projects (branding, design, re-skin, Web and mobile application, digital marketing, etc.).

Operationnal skills

Council and strategy 83%
Visual communication 95%
Information technologies 75%
Front-end technologies 80%
Project Management 95%


Pisda PHCAR starts working in 2003 first in IT/Computing and computing administration to follow in 2007 with visual communication and since 2012 in digital communication.

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Pisda PHCAR grew up in the khmer cultural association community and even co-founded a cultural association in 2014 where he is in charge of the general secretary and strategies.

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