Pisda PHCAR starts working in 2003 first in IT/Computing and computing administration to follow in 2007 with visual communication and since 2012 in digital communication.

Pisda PHCAR starts his career in 2003 in the domain of computing and computing administration, that was the way to Pisda PHCAR to discover the graphic arts industries.

After a re-start of his studies four years later, Pisda PHCAR has reached his skills with visual communication and multimedia design (print, web & mobile, motion).

Pisda PHCAR takes part on digital communication projects bringing his skills in visual communication, front-end integration and project management with both a technical approach with the structural design in a side and the graphical approach with the conceptual design in the other side.

His knowledge of front-end HTML and CSS development combined to his art direction skills is the way for Pisda PHCAR to take part on digital projects as an operationnal coordinator and the communication interface between the differents teams.

Art direction, data processing, digital communication and project management are the skills used and increased everyday by Pisda PHCAR in the projects whom he is in charge of.

In situation, Pisda PHCAR takes part on the design realisations, in front-end and content integration, in the management of digital and communication projects and even in digital communication.

Compétences opérationnelles

Strategical smartness 83%
Visual communication 87%
Web & Mobile Design 95%
Graphic Design 83%
Motion Design 75%
Illustration 95%
Information and communication technologies 80%
Project Management 95%


Fascinated by entrepreneurship and innovating actions, Pisda PHCAR starts to work as a contractor since 2009 and develops the different skills needed to the entrepreneurship in his projects.

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Pisda PHCAR grew up in the khmer cultural association community and even founded a cultural association in 2014 where he is in charge of the general secretary and strategies.

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