My expertise

Design & Communication

Specialized in the design of visual and digital communication tools, I produce and create websites and web applications, tools and printed documents, logotypes, visual identities, vector illustrations, pictograms and video clips in motion design.

  • Webdesign
  • UI/UX Design
  • Graphic design
  • Visual identity
  • Graphical charter
  • Motion design
  • Illustration
  • Pictography

Council & Management

My complementary skills in communication consulting, Web & Agile project management, Web administration and HTML/CSS front-end integration allow me to anticipate, design, plan, produce and carry out the Web projects entrusted to me.

  • Project management
  • Communication strategy
  • Editorial slant
  • Creation management
  • Agile methodology
  • Certified Product Owner (icPO)

Design & Creation

Passionate about graphic design and creativity, creation is an essential activity for me and it was only natural that I turned to a creative profession after a very rigorous start to my career in IT.

Digital & Communication

Information and communication technologies enthusiast, I learned the majority of my skills self-taught and I am continually training to stay up to date.

What I do

Visual communication

I bring my creative skills in the context of visual communication projects (DA, Web & UI/UX Design, Graphic design, visual identity, logotype, vector illustrations, motion design).

Production Management

My managerial skills and my interpersonal skills allow me to advise, anticipate, estimate or even prioritize, plan, manage, produce and carry out the communication projects entrusted to me.

Information technology

I work in Web project management and Web & CMS as well as in operational coordination between stakeholders (customers, management, technical and operational teams).

Art Direction

I test my creativity and my vision to conceptualize and materialize my creative ideas.

Web & UI/UX Design

I intervene to create interface designs and websites in responsive Webdesign.

Graphic Design

I make logotypes, visual identities, vector illustrations and pretty cool pictos 😉

Motion Design

I also create video clips with illustrations and special effects animation 🙂

Strategy & Council

I bring my strategic intelligence to the management of the creation and production of Web projects.

Web project management

I intervene to advise, organize, plan and orchestrate the projects entrusted to me.

Web & CMS Integration

I integrate graphic models in HTML / CSS and on the WordPress CMS.

Web administration

I have web administration skills, in particular with the web solutions of the OVH host.

Who I am

Let’s talk well, let’s talk little: if you are still reading, you find my presentation interesting, I guess đŸ˜‰

Perfect ! So now that you’ve discovered what I do, let’s talk a bit about me: my name is Pisda PHCAR (full name Pisda-AndrĂ© PHCAR) and I’m delighted with your visit. 🙏


Born in the 80s in an atypical socio-cultural context, I grew up in Cergy in the Val d’Oise (95) where I followed a general school career in science and mathematics until the baccalaureate.

Carrier start

I started working at the end of high school and my beginning of professional career, in computer administration, allowed me to learn the rigor of the administration of computer systems and networks within two large French magazine press groups.

The call of passion

Following the discovery of the graphic arts industry, I resumed my studies in visual communication to align myself with my growing creative needs and I specialized in Webdesign and HTML/CSS integration, which allows me to combine creativity and technique to carry out the projects entrusted to me.

Professional experiences

I had the opportunity to evolve within large groups, in start-ups, in Web and communication agencies, with advertisers, as a self-employed entrepreneur or even as a freelancer in wage portage in sectors of activity as rich as they are varied (Advertising, E-Commerce, Software, SaaS, ESN, Hotel Industry, etc.).

Citizen engagement

Having grown up since three y.o. in the Franco-Cambodian cultural community, I have developed a real passion for culture and I very frequently bring my skills to the service of culture.